A woman

A woman
Lucinda Libelle & Berta Martín

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Hello guys.
Bad days...
" If I tell you what you wanna hear, 
will it help you to sleep well at night? 
That's why you'll never know that I feel broken. "
Cover of Skin - Jude Harrison from Instant Star (Alexz Johnson)

It's recorded at home, so sound is shit.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

School Performance

Hello everybody!

Last Saturday it was the Tallers de Música music school's performance for parents and friends! I sang You are the moon (by The Hush Sound) and The only exception (by Paramore). The first one went great, but at the second one I couldn't to my best. I don't know why. Maybe a bit tired with all exams - non sleeping - hours and hours of rehearsing. I wanted you to listen to me, but I couln't get any video of any of them.

Don't worry. I'll provably record "The only exception" like I did with "You are the moon" so you'll be able to listen to it!

I've got some pictures from "The only exception".
Alice is the one playing the guitar!
And thanx Helena (the pianist) for taking the pictures!
Hope you like it!

Lucinda Rocks

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hibikii's photoshoot

Hey there!
Two Thrusdays ago I went to my friend Hibikii's house. She "dressed" me with this aweome outfit and took this photos. Then she gave that clothes to me! Be sure that's what I'm gonna dress in my first concert.
Hope you like it the much as I did!
Thanx for everything Hibikii.

All pictures' rights go to her! Hibikii I really love you!
Lucinda Rocks

Monday, May 30, 2011

You are the moon cover

Hey guys!
Last Thursday (26-may) I recorded -You are the moon - The hush sound-
The other girl, Helena, is the one who plays the piano!
She's a great pianist! But she's so shy so she doesn't usually go on stage. Hope I can change that. And hope you like it!

Here you are some pictures of the recording. I'm not posting Helena's 'cause I don't even have the rights!
(I gotta ask for permission first!)

Lucinda Rocks

My Immortal cover

Hey guys!
I recorded a cover of -My immortal - Evanescence-
I was a bit sad that days, that's why I chose this song.
Don't misunderstand me! I love this song. Is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever listenned to. It's just that reminds me bad days from years ago.

Well... Here you are a vidd! Hope oyu enjoy it!

Lucinda Rocks.

Here and Now cover

Here and Now - Letters to Cleo

I recorded this last year. It was a bit impromtu. It's not my favv song, but hope you like it!

Here you are some pictures of the recording

Lucinda Rocks

Lucinda Rocks

Here I go! (Berta) 
Hello Bitches! (Lucinda)
My name's Berta Martín and  I have on mind a musical project called "Lucinda Rocks". The reason of the name is that Lucinda Libelle is how I call my alter-ego. So she and I will be doing this "together". I always wanted a twin sister. Maybe that's why Lucinda exists. I don't know...
Here you'll be able to taste some pictures, songs and vids. Hope you like it!
Let's see how it takes to me. Wish me luck!

Best wishes