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A woman
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

School Performance

Hello everybody!

Last Saturday it was the Tallers de Música music school's performance for parents and friends! I sang You are the moon (by The Hush Sound) and The only exception (by Paramore). The first one went great, but at the second one I couldn't to my best. I don't know why. Maybe a bit tired with all exams - non sleeping - hours and hours of rehearsing. I wanted you to listen to me, but I couln't get any video of any of them.

Don't worry. I'll provably record "The only exception" like I did with "You are the moon" so you'll be able to listen to it!

I've got some pictures from "The only exception".
Alice is the one playing the guitar!
And thanx Helena (the pianist) for taking the pictures!
Hope you like it!

Lucinda Rocks

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  1. We just can't wait to listen your cover!! You ROCK!!
    T'estimo molt!